About Us
About Jubilee the Clown Entertainment

All Jubilee employees are Columbia University graduates with years of experience
in the school systems of New York City and Westchester County, NY.

Besides all of the activities that go along with being a party
entertainer and/or clown, like singing, dancing, balloon
sculpting, and arts and crafts, through our work with
children, we have learned dozens of indoor and outdoor
activities that are both entertaining and educational.  Jubilee
employees have learned many techniques that keep children
and families interested, engaged, and wanting more!  Best of
all, our knowledge of child development also allows us to create
entertainment that is developmentally appropriate.  

Our Goal

Jubilee the Clown Entertainment, Inc. aims to provide unforgettable memories for
children of all ages.  We will use our expertise working with elementary aged
children to provide quality entertainment using tested techniques that will ensure
that our audience never forgets their event.

Venues where we entertain

We provide entertainment in any size living space, parks, schools, hospitals,
synagogues and churches, day care centers, camps, girl/boy scout functions,
libraries or any other occasion or location you can think of.  
Jubilee the Clown
**Party Entertainment for Families**
Email: info@JubileeClown.com
Serving New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut